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Who is an immigration representative?

Immigration and citizenship representatives:

  • explain and give advice on your immigration or citizenship options

  • help you choose the best immigration program for you

  • fill out and submit your immigration or citizenship application

  • communicate with the Government of Canada on your behalf

  • represent you in an immigration or citizenship application or hearing

  • advertise that they can give immigration or citizenship advice

This information does not apply to passport applications.

Representatives could be:

  • citizenship or immigration consultants

  • lawyers

  • friends

  • family members or

  • other third parties

You may choose to use a representative to act on your behalf for immigration or citizenship applications with:

You don't need to hire a representative!

It's your choice. Using one will not draw special attention to your application and doesn’t mean it will get any special treatment

Types of representatives

There are 2 types of representatives:

  • paid (must be authorized) and

  • unpaid

Authorized paid representatives

Only some people can charge you a fee or receive any other type of payment. These people are called “authorized” representatives. They are:

Tetiana Karbovanets is a licencee of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (Licence # R524371)

You can check her licence by following the link:

Please be advised that Maple Dream Immigration is not affiliated with any government agency, including IRCC. You do not have to use an immigration representative when dealing with immigration matters. 

Unpaid representatives or third parties

Unpaid representatives could be:

  • family members

  • friends and

  • other third parties who do not charge a fee

They may give the same services as paid representatives, but they do it for free.

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